Mini GPS Signal Jammer OBD GPS Car OBD Plug GPS Signal Jammer Shield Real-Time Black Anti-GPS Tracking

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Power supply DC 12-36V,Size: 45*22*44 mm,Weight: 50g,Antenna copper,Shielding radius is about 3-8 meters, depending on the environmental signal field strength

Instructions for use
Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, so that it can be installed correctly and quickly. The color of the product is subject to the actual product. This product shields the GPS/Beidou satellite signal, does not affect the transmission of other signals, mainly prevents tracking and positioning, and protects your personal Privacy security.


(1) Volume 50x30x30MM
(2) Weight 20.4g
(3) Interface OBD
(4) Antenna copper
(5) Color shell fireproof material white/ black
(6) Power supply DC 12-36V
(7) Current 100mA
(8) Shielding radius is about 3-8 meters, depending on the environmental signal field strength
(9) Jamming Frequency
(10) GPSL1: 1550-1600MHz

(11) GPSL2: 1170-1280MHz (Beidou)

Quick use instructions for products
(1) Find the OBD port of the car (computer diagnostic port)
Find Method 1: Open Baidu/Google Pages-Enter the year, brand, model of the car, and where is the +OBD port? Then Baidu/Google will prompt the location of the OBD port.
(2) Plug in the product to the OBD port to work on the power, and the work light is on.
(3) The vehicle OBD interface is used to detect the diagnostic interface of the vehicle. It is usually idle and inserts this OBD jammer, which has no effect on the vehicle function.
Tips: OBD interface position is generally below the steering wheel, above the brake pedal, some models have a cover, need to open


Common problem
1. Is the product tested to be effective?
Open the car navigation, enter the target location, and then drive to see if the navigation is moving.
2. Why are individual cars and positioners not shielded?
The original car navigation of the high-end car is not shielded. The satellite receiving antenna may be on the roof of the car. The interference wave cannot penetrate the metal carport and the interference cannot be caused. The positioning of the mobile phone base station cannot interfere with the system, but the positioning error of the base station is a few hundred meters. A few kilometers. However, it does not affect the use of this product.